Mandarin liqueur 20 cl

From the infusion of tangerines that have not reached the typical strong orange color, but also preserve some shades of green, we get a traditional liqueur, scented and sweet.

Perfect to be used as a digestive, or mixed to make aromatic cocktails. It can be your “special little secret” to add in the making of cakes and tea biscuits.



Alcohol content: 32 %.

Ingredients: Hydrated alcohol, extrafine sugar, fresh peels of green mandarins “Amalfitani”.

Usage: digestive functions, preparation of cocktails, garnish of cakes and ice creams.

Drink cold (-4 to +4 °)

Manufactured and bottled by: Amalfi Lemon Trading S.r.l. Via delle Cartiere, 55/1 – Amalfi (SA)

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20 cl


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